Helpings’ purpose is to help people help themselves (and others) feel good – even great.

I do so by providing my followers with recipes, articles and online courses. These inspire you to:

  • discover new things – learning is the foundation for growth
  • take action – nothing changes if nothing changes
  • feel good – because everyone on this planet has the right to do so

Helpings’ recipes are generally free from wheat and dairy, as these tend to be difficult to digest. However, it’s a fact that every human being is different with unique sets of microbes (we’re all made of trillions of microorganisms and bacteria) and therefore there is no way of eating or being that will be suitable for all.

I simply want to show you that there is another way of cooking (and eating). It can be easy, fun and you’ll produce incredible meals, even without the ingredients you always thought were completely irreplaceable. It might be worth a try. 


Helpings was founded by me, Stephanie Seege, in 2013 after battling a number of lifelong illnesses such as severe eczema, allergies and asthma. In 2010 I spent six months living in New York, where an Indian Ayurvedic doctor started treating my symptoms through a strict diet by means of improving digestion.

This change was effective and it was also my first successful attempt in 27 years to cure what had previously been labelled ‘chronic diseases’. As a result, I wrote my first cookbook, The Book That Changed My Life, with 70+ recipes free from gluten, dairy, yeast, eggs and refined sugar to inspire other people to cook delicious food, even with a restricted number of ingredients.

Ever since then I’ve developed methods and recipes that can be easily applicable at home and that tackle a number of health-related issues. I discovered that it all boils down to digestion and to taming a busy mind – which has a larger impact on our overall health than we might be aware of.

Thank you for visiting this platform and I hope to see you again!

Much love,