#HappyHelpings Challenge

Join our Happiness Challenge to have fun, to step out of your comfort zone, to nurture relationships (at work and in your private life) and to engage in things that are utterly self-indulgent. #HappyHelpings is entirely free and you even have a chance to win something money can’t buy.


SIGN UP here below here to get more information about the challenge and inspirational updates throughout February. Go to our social media pages (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) to read each day’s task explanation – then take action and post about your experiences!

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“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from our own actions.” – Dalai Lama

HOW IT WORKS: In February we will post a daily challenge (on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) related to themes with an immediate impact on your happiness. Most challenges only require 1-5 minutes of your time.

The theme for each day will be shared the previous night, which gives you time to plan around the challenge and to make any needed arrangements for the following day. Helpings’ daily post includes a detailed description of what the challenge is, how it’s supposed to be completed and what the point of it is. You can still join today and complete past challenges at your own pace up until 15 February, when we no longer accept new participants into the challenge. 

THE GRAND PRIZE: A luxurious spa treatment followed by a three course dinner at your house anywhere in the world for four people cooked by Helpings’ founder Stephanie.

HOW TO WIN: You need to post 29 pictures, one each day February 1-29 2016, related to Helpings’ challenges with at least one written line about your experiences tagging @thisishelpings and using the hashtag #HappyHelpings in every post. You can either take your own photos to attach to your posts or simply take a screenshot of Helpings’ photos and use those. We will randomly select one winner out of all the participants and he/she will be announced March 1 2016.

Note that your profile needs to be public for us to see your content.

Helpings is a community with one clear mission – to help. Founded by me, Stephanie Seege, after a lifetime of personal battles with allergies, asthma and severe eczema.

I changed my lifestyle and eating habits in 2010 and soon realised that my experiences could benefit other people with various health challenges. I live by everything I teach and write so I really hope you enjoy this platform!

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