Roasted Veggie Quinoa Salad

This is the perfect hearty salad, containing boiled quinoa, roasted veggies and a few raw ingredients that add a nice crunch. Make a big batch, place it in lunch boxes and spice it up in different ways every day by adding nuts, seeds, different kinds of protein and more avocado (there is simply never enough).

Preparation time: 15 minutes | Cooking time: 1 hour | Helpings: 4


1 butternut squash
4 beetroots
1 handful fresh thyme
4 tbsp olive oil
100 ml quinoa
2 avocados
100g fresh spinach
4-6 fresh figs
100 ml pecan nuts

For the dressing

2 limes
50 ml olive oil
½ tsp salt
½ tsp ground black pepper


  1. Cut the butternut squash in half and scoop out the seeds and the insides. No need to peel it. Cut it in chunks, do the same with the unpeeled beetroots. Place the chunks on a baking tin covered with parchment paper and pour olive oil on top of them. Take the leaves off the fresh thymes stems and add to the vegetables. Bake in the oven in 200C for one hour. Move around the pieces occasionally to make sure they don’t burn
  2. Boil the quinoa in 300 ml water for about 8-10 minutes until the water has evaporated. Let cool
  3. Pit the avocados and cube the flesh. Slice the figs
  4. Wash the spinach and place in a bowl along with the avocado, figs, pecan nuts and quinoa. Add the roasted vegetables
  5. Mix all ingredients for the dressing and pour it on top of the salad, serve immediately, though it’s as good the next day as well

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